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First Certificate Cambridge
Thursday 10.15 - 12.15
The Irish Centre
86 Fitzwilliam Street, HD1 5BB

Wednesday 10.15 - 12.15
Venue within walking distance of Bus Station

Academic English

Courses in preparation.


Our IELTS (International Language Testing System) preparation course is ideal for people who need to improve their English here in the U.K.,but also want to improve the skills necessary for the IELTS test.The IELTS course will also help to improve your English vocabulary,grammar,pronunciation and exam technique.You will cover all of the main areas needed to get a better score on the IELTS.

  • speaking,listening,reading and writing sections of the IELTS test.

  • You should have completed an intermediate course before starting an IELTS preparation course. IELTS courses start at the beginning of term subject to demand.The latest you can join a class will be two weeks after the start of a course.This will depend on your level,for which you will be required to take a test.This will comprise of a writing test,a grammar test and a speaking and listening test.


    Our ESOL with citizenship courses are designed to help people who have recently arrived in the U.K. to be more confident in everyday situations.For example;

  • Filling out legal documents(forms)
  • Applying for jobs
  • Ordering in a restaurant/asking questions
  • In meetings
  • Talking to doctors and teachers
  • Asking directions

  • General English

    By attending our General English course you will improve your reading,writing,speaking and listening in English as well as your vocabulary,grammar and pronunciation.We have different levels of English in the centre and will test you to put you in the most suitable English course for you. For each level your course will;

  • expand your active vocabulary,giving you the key words and phrases you need to talk about a variety of topics covered in your course.
  • revise and extend the grammar points and extend your knowledge of grammatical points covered in your course;
  • give you speaking and writing practice of the grammar points covered in your course.
  • develop your confidence and ability in speaking skills,focusing at different times on fluency and accuracy.
  • And some more about General English Courses.

    General English(2)

  • get help to improve all aspects of your pronunciation(stress,intonation,phonemes and connected speech).
  • develop your reading skills- for gist,specific detail and pleasure.
  • develop your listening skills-both for general and specific information.
  • develop your general writing skills-focusing on sentence,paragraph and overall structure.
  • be regularly tested.

  • To pass from one level to the next,students must attend at least 85% of the classes,get consistently good scores in tests and work to a consistently high standard in class.

    Executive English

    Courses individually tailored to suit your needs.

    Business English

    Courses individually tailored to suit your needs.

    Short courses available
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